Sneak Peek - A Love So Soft

As he stood before me, demanding my attention with his eyes, I fell into his hands…my heart fell into his hands without him even asking. I dreamed of a man to look at me the way he was since I saw the movie Love Jones. I wanted my own Darius to look at me with love, admiration, want, and need. Never did I want a man to obsess over me more than he loved God, but I wanted to come second.

The more his eyes penetrated my soul, the more I weakened. My mother and Yazlyn had long ago became a blur. It was just he and I. Alone and lost in our dimension. A strong game of mind control that had me ready for him to make an honest woman out of me. I wanted to risk it all. Risk getting my heart broken into a thousand pieces with no attempt of being put back together. Risk my sanity to give him my all.

His head descended, and I stopped breathing. I couldn’t. Too afraid of what I might do if he indeed kissed me. Would I lose my mind and climb him in front of the woman who birthed me? Would I melt into his bloodstream to become a part of him?

“You are so beautiful,” Roman whispered before planting a lingering kiss to my cheek.

Eyes closed and smiling, I pined. “Thank you. You are so handsome, Roman. I love burgundy against your skin.” I couldn’t hold it in. I had to tell the truth.

“Are you ready?” He asked running the back of his knuckle along my jaw making me lean into his chest as my knees buckled.

“I’m ready whenever you are.” I surely was ready for whatever he had in store.

Snickering, he glided his hand down my jaw to my collarbone. Making circles that caused my breathing to turn into soft pants. “Open your eyes, Georgia.” On-demand, my eyes opened. The gravel of his voice was liquid gold, and I wanted to be branded with his stamp.

“When we walk out that door I need you to do me one favor. Leave your past, fears, doubts, and whatever else that will stop you from giving me all of you. Just for one night, I need you to trust me with you. I promise I’ll bring you back unscathed. Can you do that for me?” His brawny hand gently pulled the back of nape back until I had no choice but to look him in the eye.

I searched for a sign. Searched for a twinkle of lies and deceit. I found neither. Instead, I found serenity.

“Yes. I trust you to be careful and gentle with me.”

“Good.” Smiling, he kissed my nose and let his hand glide down to the middle of my back. “Let’s go.”


Chelsea Moore