Sneak Peek - Our Type of Love



“KC, we’re pulling up. You got less than ten minutes to get out of there.” Khiver’s voice boomed through the phone.

Running a trembling hand over my head, I sighed. “Is…Is she with you?” My chest constricted as I sat waiting. No air filled my lungs. I couldn’t breathe.

“Um, we-we, she…I don’t know where she is, Kellon. That’s why I need you out of there. You and I both know she can’t find you before we do. I’ll call you back when I’m downstairs.” Without another word, my brother disconnected the call. I know he wanted to say more. I could hear the disappointment in his voice.

I fucked up.


The body laying next to me awakening snapped me out of the depressive state I placed myself in. “Babe, why are you up so early? Is it time for you to go?” The feel of her hand touching my back felt like a cast iron branding my skin causing me to jump up.

“Kellon, what’s the matter?” Chuckling in annoyance, I ignored the innocence in her voice. Her and I both knew what was wrong. We crossed a line that shouldn’t have ever been crossed.

Standing over the bed I ran a hand over my head as I stared down at the soft brown leg that freed itself from the tangle of the sheets. I knew what lay behind those covers that clung to curves my hands had become familiar with during the night. There was no denying the beauty in her face, and from the smirk on her lips, she knew it too. Though she was beautiful she wasn’t my Delilah and I gave her a piece of me that didn’t belong to her.

Sitting up, she let the sheet puddle around her waist giving me one last view of her succulent breast. “Will you call me? I can meet you whenever she isn’t around?” I quickly snapped out the lustful haze her body put me in and begged my legs not to give out on me.

I felt weak. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Immediately the guilt plagued me. Heart first. Shoving my hands in the pockets of my jeans, the pain of my betrayal dug deeper as my right hand touched the velvet box. My throat burned as a massive amount of emotions hit me all at once. I’ve never been a man who expressed his emotions or was emotionally led, but then Delilah entered my world and shook it up for the better.

She taught me that it was okay to feel. It was okay to be loved and to love. She showed that what my parents and grandparents had, real love, was obtainable with her.

Staring into the eyes of the woman lying in the hotel bed I saw red. Not because of the predicament we were in, or because I fell for her luscious charm. I saw red because all I could imagine was Delilah doing the same to me. God have mercy on the man’s soul because he was a dead man.

If she ever found out about my one time of dishonesty, she’d leave me. My world couldn’t leave me, and I prayed God showed me mercy one last time and kept this between the three of use.

A knock came from the door letting me know Khiver had arrived. “Be easy,” I said as I admired her beauty one last time. My steps to the door were heavy. The guilt of it all weighed me down. I had to get myself together before I faced Delilah. She knew me better than anyone and could read me like a book. This secret wasn’t one she could ever find out. I couldn’t lose my world over one mistake.

Chelsea Moore