Sneak Peek - The Colors We Make - 5/9/2018


The Colors We Make - 5/9/18

“Hendrix.” Each breath I took burned my throat.

“This time, we’re leaving. I'm giving you space. Space to think and decide if this, us, is what you want. I’m not going to sit around while you play games with me like this Milan.” He tried to walk around me, but I moved in the way. “Milan, move. I’m not playing this game with you.”
“Please don’t leave me. I’m sorry Hendrix. Please don’t leave me.” The thought of him leaving me caused a pain and an ache I never thought I’d ever feel.

Tears rolled down my face. He stepped closer and placed his hands on the side of my head, putting his face in the crook of my neck. “I’m a good man Milan. I’m loyal to the point of pain and self-destruction. What else do you want from Milan? What am I not giving you? Am I not making you happy at all? Is the sex one-sided, I know it's
not, but if you want to spice it up more, we can hang from the chandeliers? All you have to do is talk to me. How can I fix us if I don’t know what’s wrong? We are one flesh, ain’t no you or me, it’ us. Damn sure ain't’ Judge Hazel in the mix. As much as I want to keep you to myself, I’ll let you go if that means you’re happy because clearly, I don’t make you happy."

What did Milan do to cause Hendrix to walk out on her? Find out on 5/9/18!

Chelsea Moore